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Pilates Classes...


Nesta’s matwork classes take a contemporary approach - a combination of traditional Pilates movements and stability techniques and stretches used in physiotherapy.

You will work on improving your posture, releasing tight shoulders and hips, and strengthening your core and back.
Perfect if you spend your days sitting behind a desk or driving.
Great if you play sport. Runners, golfers, tennis players all benefit from regular Pilates sessions. Pilates can also be very beneficial if you are recovering from an injury or surgery.

Classes in Ickleford and Fairfield Park.


Get fit for life with Super Seniors, Pilates classes & more...


Forget about that expensive gym membership and join a community class where you can make friends as well as working on improving your fitness and well being. Pilates and General Fitness classes for all shapes, sizes, and abilities – just take a look at the classes below.