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Get fit for life with Over 50s Fitness, Pilates classes & more...


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Get fit for life with Super Seniors, Pilates classes & more...


Forget about that expensive gym membership and join a community class where you can make friends as well as working on improving your fitness and well being. Pilates and General Fitness classes for all shapes, sizes, and abilities – just take a look at the classes below.



Improved flexibility and core strength for playing golf, running, sports & activities you enjoy...

Whether it’s golf, running, tennis, rugby or hockey, Pilates has huge benefits. I can help you regain and retain strength and flexibility to keep playing the sports you love.


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Find out more about Nesta and keeping fit for life...


If you wake up every morning with a stiff and aching back, You think you are too old to exercise, You want to improve your golf, You want to run that 10K, Then you’ve landed in the right place!


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